Maxim Magazine

First Art Source Maxim Magazine - Hometown Hotties 2013 22""x34"" Art Print Poster
Maxim Magazine - Hometown Hotties 2013 22""x34"" Art Print Poster

Maxim magazine
Maxim Magazine

Maxim is the essential guide for today’s active male consumer. Every issue features fashion, sports, gadgets/gear, sex advice, music & movie reviews all in an entertaining and irreverent style where humor is a key element.

Maxim used to taste test microwave and fast food-type items and give them real, insightful ratings/reviews…things like pizza rolls, pizza pockets, etc. Their witty remarks and interviews with the monthly babes and product reviews were both entertaining and interesting.

Another area where Maxim disappoints is in the number of advertisements. The magazine is now significantly thicker and stuffed with ads. In fact, I have ripped the first 10 pages or so out of my last several issues because those first 10 pages are all advertisements! Maxim also puts a lot of emphasis on their women, who have decreased in quality (read: not as good looking). They do some heavy duty tweaking on the computer too; all of the models look like their skin is made of polished copper.

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